Magic Cool Towel Perfect For Gym

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Magic Cool Towel Perfect For Gym
Magic Cool Towel Perfect For Gym Magic Cool Towel Perfect For Gym Magic Cool Towel Perfect For Gym
Brand: OEM
  • When towel and wring out excess water.
  • Drape towel around your neck or over yourhead.
  • Store in this container or zip lock bag when not inuse.
  • Do not bend towel when it is dry. This may cause it tocrack orbreak. Rewet until
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Magic cool personal cooling cloths are a high-performance cooling cloth that can be used in any application where rapid personal cooling is desired. the unique, hollow-fiber weave has high water absorption, retention, and wicking characteristics to maintain the cool temperature of the cloth. to activate magic cool, simply wet with water, squeeze out the excess water, and wave the cloth in the air. magic cool will cool down rapidly and remain cool as long as the fabric is moist. contains a non-toxic treatment to reduce odors. can be washed in washing machine with regular detergent. personal cooling cloth measures 25x18cm and has a velcro loop for easy attachment. upf 50+ uv protection. it requires no refrigeration and is renewable with any water source. A soft feel and super cleanliness. Strong water-absorptive.Machine washable and dryable. Widely used on car and furniture, it can be used one and a half years because of its powerful pull. Personal care cleaning.









  • 1 X Magic Cool Towel

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