(Msia Plug) 3kg Semi Auto Mini Washing Machine

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(Msia Plug) 3kg Semi Auto Mini Washing Machine
(Msia Plug) 3kg Semi Auto Mini Washing Machine (Msia Plug) 3kg Semi Auto Mini Washing Machine (Msia Plug) 3kg Semi Auto Mini Washing Machine
Brand: OEM
  • Compact design & portable
  • Water and energy saving
  • Plastic body, free from rust
  • Low noise and smooth operation
  • Load capacity: 3 kg above
  • Function: Washing and drying cloth
  • Easy to use and save spa
Product SKU: HA-OE-XPB30
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The Mini Washing Machine is a rat-proof, plastic body and anti-crease clothing washing mechanism that is perfect for homes, apartments and any place where the cleanliness of cloth products is given any significance. The washing appliance is capable of washing and spinning up to 3 kilograms of dirty laundry and wet cloth. The motor is quite powerful, capable of pulsating at a high level, getting dresses and shirts spit shine clean. Keep garments clean and in this universe with the Mini Washing Machine.


Washing Instructions: -

  • Wash load capacity should be maintained ? do not overload machine.
  • Water level should be enough to float the cloths in Water. Lesser water will cause      damage to cloths and machine performance.
  • Outlet pipe should be kept hung while washing is on.
  • For draining our water - put down Outlet pipe.
  • Your DMR MiniWash is featured with thermostat which will prevent overheating due to excessive usage of machine. In case of continuous usage of machine,
  • It may get overheated and will stop functioning automatically. In such situation, machine will take cooling period of 30-50 minutes and after this it will start functioning automatically.


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(Msia Plug) 3kg Semi Auto Mini Washing Machine

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