Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Heart Rate OLED Display Clock Bluetooth Smartband Wristband (Black)

58% off
 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Heart Rate OLED Display Clock Bluetooth Smartband Wristband (Black)
 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Heart Rate OLED Display Clock Bluetooth Smartband Wristband (Black)  Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Heart Rate OLED Display Clock Bluetooth Smartband Wristband (Black)
Brand: XiaoMi
  • 0.42inch OLED Display
  • Bluetooth4.0 BLE
  • BatteryCapacity 70mAh
  • WaterproofIP67
  • Size: 4.03 X 1.57 X 1.05 cm
Size (length*width*height): 10cm x 7cm x 6cm
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OLED Display - View time, step count, heart rate and more

The Mi Band 2 comes with an OLED which displays the Time, number of steps, Heart Rate, distance walked, calories burned, battery info and other data. You can see all these data by lifting your left wrist or by using the capacitive button on the Mi Band 2 capsule. You could also switch between various display items without having to open the Mi Fit App in your phone. The best part is, you can also customize which data content can be displayed on the Mi Band 2 display.

Improved Pedometer Algorithm

Mi Band 2 comes with a power efficient ADI accelerometer with improved algorithms for more accuracy in steps counting, and built in optical heart rate sensor which calculates your heart rate. It comes with a 2nd gen Bluetooth 4.0 for faster and stable connection with your phone.

Improved Battery Life

The major concern in any fitness tracket is it's battery life. Mi Band 2 comes with a larger 70 mAh battery. Mi Band 2 comes with power efficient OLED display and lasts up to 20 days which is 55% more efficient battery life when compared to Mi Band Pulse. Now no worry of charging the Mi Band frequently!!

New Strap Design

Have you ever misplaced the capsule from your Mi Band? The new Mi Band 2 comes with a newly designed strap so that capsule fits firmly into the starp and cannot be easily detached from the strap anytime. Also the the strap is now more skin friendly with a softer strap material and also long lasting.​

Real time heart rate

Now check your heart rate on real time with out opening the Mi Fit App. Just lift your wrist or touch on the capacitive button on the Mi Band 2 display and your heart rate displays instantly on the the screen. Mi Band 2 can accurately read your heart beat on real time basis.

Sedentary Alerts

Are you sitting for too long ? Are you working overtime in your office ? Now Mi Band 2 automatically monitors your physical activity and alerts you when you are sedentary for long time. It alerts you with a vibration reminding you to go out and have some physical activity along with some fresh air

Monitors the pace of your running

Runing is one of the popular fitness activities. Now when you run with Mi Band 2, it measures the pace of your run, monitors you Heart beat and it displays on the screen of Mi Band 2. Mi Fit generates the targeted run, recommends step program, suggests the required weight loss and ultimately increases your health efficiency.

Phone unlocking made easier

Unlocking smartphone becomes easier. You can unlock your smartphone instantly with your Mi Band 2. Each Mi Band 2 has an unique ID and when it brought closer to the smartphone, it unlocks your phone. Mi Band 2 also shows the unlocking status on it's display. Stay more secure with Mi Band 2 !

Monitors your sleep

Mi Band 2 starp is more skin friendly now and also light weight which helps you to wear it during nights and have a comfortable sleep. It monitors your sleep and shows the light sleep & deep sleep in the Mi Fit.

IP67 Water Resistant , Colorful band options.

Just like the previous versions of Mi Band, Mi Band 2 is IP67 certified water resistant and you don't need to worry of using it in water. You can happily use under shower, while you swim! With new design, Mi Band 2 looks stunning with many color options.

Other features: Vibration on Calls, SMS, App Notifications, Alarm Clock

Just like the previous versions of Mi Band, Mi Band 2 vibrates on getting any calls, SMS, app notifications and also vibrates when you set alarm colock.



 photo miband2-0_zpsqprpzitj.jpg photo miband2-1_zps4r4wihfd.jpg  photo miband2-2_zpsnetshmit.jpg  photo miband2-3_zpsrjqgxvym.jpg  photo miband2-4_zpsa1drpspf.jpg  photo miband2-5_zpsbubzryhj.jpg  photo miband2-6_zpscinkionq.jpg  photo miband2-7_zpsydqjnxn1.jpg  photo miband2-8_zpsqemunehg.jpg  photo miband2-9_zpspwfojn0z.jpg  photo miband2-10_zpsyfjzu2az.jpg  photo miband2-11_zpseurxp2mk.jpg  photo miband2-12_zpsgffioyoe.jpg  photo miband2-13_zpsxor4n3dn.jpg  photo miband2-14_zpsfio4x0lb.jpg


  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Model : Miband 2
  • Color : Black
  • Net Weight : 7g
  • Materials : Plastic 


  • Waterproof : IP67
  • Internal configuration : Screen 0.42 inches OLED display Dialog

                                             Dialog 2 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

                                             ADI ultra-low power acceleration sensors + Optical heart rate sensor

  • Battery : 70mAh

                       standby time : 20 days type batteries

                       Input Current : 45mA (TYP), 65mA (MAX)

                       Input voltage : 5V

  • Compatible Minimum Requirements : Android 4.4 + & support Bluetooth 4.0 : For Android devices

                                                                    iOS 7 - For Apple devices : iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6 Plus 6s 6s plus

  • For smart unlock features : Xiaomi (MIUI 6 and above) : Mi2 / 2S / 2A, Mi3, Mi4, Mi Note, Mi4C, Redmi 1S, Redmi 2/2A, Redmi Note, Redmi Note2, Note3 , 

                                                                                                     xiaomi MI5 4S, Note3 , xiaomi MI5 4S  XIAOMI MAX

                                                     Phone with Android version 5.0 above

  • Wristband : Wrist Strap length : 235 mm

                            Adjustable Wrist Strap Length : 155mm ~ 210mm

                            Material : Thermoplastic elastomers, aluminum

1 x Xiaomi miband2

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